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Background and idea

Ashura as an event in all its aspects and angles is growing globally as well as locally. Mourning ceremonies and Ashura gatherings in their diversity and culture are growing and they are continued and preached in numerous methods and ways.

With this observation, the need arose for a platform that informs both about Ashura factually as an event and about the events the rendering brings with it in a Danish context here in Denmark. Not least, there is the need for explanation about the culture and traditions linked to the assemblies, nationally as well as internationally.


The team behind aims for the website and the initiative to grow continuously, thus becoming a lifestyle for Hussain's followers and supporters, as well as a continuous humanitarian and social effort for the rest of the year. rather than a restriction to the event's specific 10 nights.


In order to achieve the above overall goal, we, as initiators who are passionate about disseminating information about Imam Hussain and the Ashura tragedy, aim to highlight the matter-of-factness and professionalism in and the maintenance of a professional and informative website. Next, the primary desire to gather all Shia Muslims to one platform is linked, which, independent of the mourning ceremony, creates a continuous ongoing work with social and charity projects for the rest of the year. aims to promote the programs and events of the several Shia Muslim haunts, without being responsible for the individual arrangements and events. There continuously coordinate with the various associations and mosques to inform about their activities for the mourning period.

Purpose and target group​:

With a growing number of Ahlul Bayt's followers (Shia Muslims) in Denmark specifically and in the Nordics in general, it has become a necessity to inform about Ashura in Danish with Danish glasses. The initiators look forward to filling this void with this project and website.

The site is aimed at several target groups and one of its main purposes is to contribute knowledge and information.

Addresses the following target groups:

  • Danish Shia Muslims.

  • Muslims of other faiths (Sunni schools of law).

  • non-Muslim citizens and fellow human beings

Has the following objectives in mind:

  1. Tool to enter the community:
    Based on the growing spread and universal embrace of the Ashura message, all information about the event can create the framework for an easier association with Imam Hussain. The information about Ashura and its events will create a smooth transition to the Karbala atmosphere while you are still in Denmark.

  2. Turn love into action:​
    God, the Prophets' and Imams' message of love was shown to be supplemented with action to extend the usefulness of this message for the benefit of humanity. It is therefore necessary that every follower of Imam Hussain and every supporter of Hussain's principles and values do their utmost to maintain the generosity of time and resources in helping one's fellow human beings. therefore keeps its visitors updated on humanitarian and social efforts and projects, in order to be able to interpret the love for Imam Hussain into action and general benefit.

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