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Our mission

Background and idea
The background for creating a professional website is that we are passionate about disseminating information about Imam Hussein and the Ashura tragedy. Next is the primary desire to gather all Shia Muslims on a platform that, independent of the mourning ceremony, creates continuous work with social and charity projects for the rest of the year.

Purpose and target group

introduction in Danish, a Danish intro to ashura, ashura with Danish eyes -   universal bsk - tool to get into the heat.
One of the main aims of the project is to contribute knowledge primarily to the following target groups:
- all Danish Shia Muslims
- Muslims of other faiths (Sunni) 
- non-Muslim siblings. 
The goal is to work continuously on a website with reliable sources and references as far as possible, and thus create a rich academic connection and hopefully be Denmark's knowledge database in connection with Ashura research.

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