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Famous words that shook the gatherings in Muharram


"O people of Iraq! Listen to me and do not rush to kill me until I inform about my position and then judge what is the reason for my arrival. If you accept my excuse, you must believe what I say , and you must be justly accommodating to me. You must smooth the proceedings yourselves so that you have no reason to kill me. And even if you do not want to accept my apology and yet choose to deviate from the path of justice, then you must think the advantages and disadvantages of me murder before you kill me. You should not undertake such a fragile task without thought and without consideration. My follower is Almighty Allah who has revealed the Qur'an. Allah watches over His deserving worshippers".

When the Imam's speech reached this stage, he heard wails and lamentations from his sisters and daughters who heard him. Then he said to his brother Abbas and his son Ali: "Go and pacify these women, for hereafter they will have to cry a lot". When the voice of the ladies of the Holy Family was no longer heard, the Imam praised Allah and invoked blessings on the angels and prophets. He spoke in more eloquent and expressive words than any orator who had existed before him or would come after him, and said to the people of Kufa:

"O people! Identify me and see who I am. Then you will come to your senses and you will blame yourselves. You should consider carefully whether it is permissible for you to kill me and disregard my reverence.

"Am I not the son of your Prophet's daughter? Is my father not the Prophet's cousin and the first deputy? Am I not the son of the one who supported the Messenger of God and expressed faith in Allah and confirmed what His Prophet brought? Am I not the grandson of the one whose uncle was not Hamza the son of Abdul Muttalib? Is the martyr Jafar the son of Abu Talib, who has two wings and flies with the angels of Allah, not my uncle? Have you not heard the Holy Prophet say about me and my brother: "My two sons are chiefs over the young men in paradise".

"I swear by Allah that I know that Allah hates liars and I have never lied. And even if you do not believe my words and refute me, there are still some Companions of the Holy Prophet among you who will confirm my statements if they are asked about the truth. Ask Jabir son of Abdullah Al-Ansari, or Abu Saeed Al-Khudari or Nahl son of Sadi or Zayd son of Arqam or Anas son of Malik. They can tell you that they heard these words from the Holy Prophet about me and my brother Is not this tradition and these accounts in themselves sufficient to deter you from killing me?


If you doubt this tradition, will you also be able to doubt that I am the son of your prophet's daughter? I swear by Allah that there is none in the east and the west of the sons of the Prophet's daughter but me, neither among you nor among others.

Let yourselves ask if I have killed anyone among you so that you may take revenge!

Or have I acquired wealth at your expense and rights that you now claim?

Or have I hurt you so much that you raise claims for compensation?"

None of them came forward to answer the questions the Imam asked them.

             Nafs Al-Mahmum by Sheikh Qumi.


IMAM SAJJAd's SPEECH before yazid in Damascus

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