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Sat, 03 Sept


Ruqaya's dining event

The Ruqaya exhibition 2022

This dining and gathering is an annual event (also called "Sofrat Ruqaya") held worldwide. The event is a well-known phenomenon among Muslims, and especially among Shia Muslims who look up to the Prophet Muhammad and his household "Ahlul Bait" (people of the house). Food and drink are offered.

The Ruqaya exhibition 2022
The Ruqaya exhibition 2022

Tid & sted

03 Sept 2022, 17:30 – 20:00

Ruqaya's dining event, Town Hall Square, 1550 Copenhagen, Denmark

Om eventet

For the event, tables are set up on which are covered and decorated with beautiful and specially decorated lamps, picked roses, rose towers and a sea of flags etc. that symbolize an aspect of Ruqaya's suffering.

Ruqaya is the daughter of Imam Hussein. 

Hussein and his companions were beheaded, and the tyrant's army took the women and children as prisoners. Ruqaya lost her life as a result of this grief she experienced under these brutal conditions.

Despite the sad tragedy of Karbala and human failings, it is important to remember these incidents and learn from them. Imam Hussein, despite his 1400-year-old sacrifice, paid a very heavy price for speaking out against the clock. This interest-free and uncompromising position and focus on freedom of expression and respect for basic human rights is an endless struggle that is not limited to a specific time or place. Goodness and truth always wins and quality always wins over quantity regardless of the time it takes and regardless of the resources and energy the dark forces use to cover up the wrong. Tradition and custom.

Donations are usually made by individuals to these open events in order to gain rewards and promote generosity. Generosity is one of the positive traditions and qualities celebrated in Islam. Priority is also given to helping the poor and those in need.

These open events/dinners are held, among others, in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon and Afghanistan as well as other countries in the world during the period of Ashura and Arbaeen in honor of Imam Hussein, as well as during the month of Ramadan in honor of the holy month.

Del denne begivenhed

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