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Wed, 26 Jul


Close to the Sadiq Center

Qasem parade

The parade consists of a traditional procession that includes takes place in Iraq and is held in connection with the Ashura tragedy, where Qasem is one of the well-known personalities who were brutally murdered in the fight for justice.

Qasem parade
Qasem parade

Tid & sted

26 Jul 2023, 20:30 – 21:30

Close to the Sadiq Center, Ørnevej 33, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

Om eventet

Imam Hussein's nephew, Qasem (son of Imam Hassan), was eager to fight for his uncle Hussein. However, he was still only a young boy and was about to get married. 

Imam Hussein looked at Qasem and embraced him and cried. He initially refused to allow him to fight, but Qasem insisted and showed a letter from his father Imam Hassan. Imam Hussein wanted to grant the nephew's wish and allowed him to participate in the battle to protect the caravan and justice.

With his face shining, sword in hand, dressed in humble clothes and a pair of sandals, Qasem entered the battlefield. 

Historians say that during the heat of the battle, Qasem broke one of his sandals. Unaware of the enemy, he stopped to fix the sandal, for he did not want to meet the enemy barefoot.

While in this state, absorbed, he was struck with a heavy blow on the head that caused him to fall face down on the ground. Qasem managed to send a last call for his uncle Hussain saying: 

"Peace be with you O uncle Hussein".

The procession visualizes, among other things, using an actor to dress as Imam Hassan's son; (al-) Qasim who was martyred at Karbala.

The young man who was supposed to portray Qasim is dressed in white clothes with a green turban followed by a multi-colored lighting setup that indicates wedding preparations.

This "Qasim" is sonically surrounded by drummers and horn players, to show the mixed emotions of wedding and war that prevailed during Qasim's situation.

In addition, you will be able to see one or more decorated horses and possibly women dressed as Qasim's family.

Every year this event is marked by a parade from Nørrebro's Roundabout to Nørrebro station and on to the Imam Al-Sadiq centre.

NOTE! This year the parade is only from Ørnevej 33 to the Imam Sadiq Center.

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Del denne begivenhed

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