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Madina-Tul-Ilm Education Center (MTI)

Imam Bargah Husayniyyah Al-Zahra was founded in 2007 in Valby, where there are classes and regular programs for Urdu speakers.

Madina-Tul-Ilm Education Center (MTI)
Madina-Tul-Ilm Education Center (MTI)

Tid & sted

18 Jul 2023, 18:30 – 28 Jul 2023, 18:30

Copenhagen, Retortvej 47, 2500 Copenhagen, Denmark

Om eventet

The Ashura program at Madina-Tul-Ilm/ Husayniyyah Al-Zahra is primarily for Urdu speakers and takes place every night for 10 nights starting from July 19. 

The program concludes with a Pakistani and Afghan meal.

The program offers:

- Koran recitation and the Ashura peace greeting: sayid Daanish Abbas and sayid Hamza Naqawi.

- Speech in Urdu by Sayid Riza Jaafar Naqawi.

- Mourning Poetry Recitation in Urdu: Tasaduq Abbas and Asad Abbas.

- Food sharing from Pakistani cuisine.

- Maghrib and Isha evening prayer.

7th Muharram: Qasim's martyrdom.

8. Muharram: Abbas' martyrdom.

9th Muharram: Ali Akbar's martyrdom.

The Eve of Ashura: The Martyrdom of Ali Asghar.

Day of Ashura: Martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

For more information, the following people can be contacted on the telephone numbers: 

Tasaduq Abbas 60699127, Asad Abbas 42207214 or Sayid Sajjad Hussain 26899303.


Facebook post:Ashra e Muharram Ul Haram 1445H

Youtube channel:Madina Tul Ilm Education Center DK

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