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Sat, 30 Jul


Imam Ali Mosque

Imam Ali Mosque 2022

Imam Ali Mosque offers speeches and mourning poetry in Danish, Arabic (Iraqi and Lebanese) and Persian (Afghan and Iranian) as well as distribution of food from the Iraqi/Persian/Lebanese Ashura kitchen.

Imam Ali Mosque 2022
Imam Ali Mosque 2022

Tid & sted

30 Jul 2022, 17:30 – 08 Aug 2022, 20:00

Imam Ali Mosque, Imam Ali Mosque, Vibevej 25-27, 2400 Copenhagen NW, Denmark

Om eventet

Imam Ali Mosque holds programs for the following nationalities with the respective start times:

  • Iraqis: starts at 20.
  • Lebanese: starts at 19.
  • Afghans and Iranians: starting at 19 (separate room)
  • Danish speakers: 17:30.

The Danish branch of the mosque dedicates a program for Danish speakers, as well as for Arabic and Persian speakers, and the programs will be held for 2022 starting from Friday 30 July and 10 days ahead in the time period at 17:30 to 20.

For this year's Muharram programs, Sheikh Mohammad Khani will give a deep review of the Islamic Family, which will be the year's theme.

The subject of the speakers is the following:

  1. The relationship between the arrival of the 12th Imam (aj) and the Islamic family.
  2. The relationship between society and healthy family relationships.
  3. Administration and the Islamic family.
  4. The need for administration.
  5. Gender roles and dignity.
  6. Importance one of having firm and unshakable principles.
  7. Love and practical advice to strengthen it.
  8. Where should we seek advice from?
  9. Mutual understanding.
  10. Endeavor and perseverance

Rhythmic mourning poetry is recited by the mullaHamza Al-Sultani.(click name for YouTube poetry)

Event link:Muharram 2022 | The Islamic Family




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