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Tue, 05 Sept


Imam Al-Sadiq Center

Imam al-Sadiq Center

The Imam al-Sadiq Center offers Arabic programs since its establishment in the year 2005. The Danish programs started in 2015 and are currently limited to speeches in Ashura and other smaller events. For more info visit the Facebook page here:

Imam al-Sadiq Center
Imam al-Sadiq Center

Tid & sted

05 Sept 2023, 19:00 – 06 Sept 2023, 10:00

Imam Al-Sadiq Center, Hejrevej 38, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

Om eventet

The Imam al-Sadiq Center offers Danish speakers in the program and is hosted by brother Hussain Al-Bahrani for 10 nights starting from Tuesday 18 July from 19 for evening prayer (maghrib and isha) followed by ashura food distribution.

- Quran recitation and Ashura peace greeting: Abu Abbas Al-Rubaee

- Speak in Danish; Hussain Al-Bahrani.

- Speaking in Arabic; Sayid Murtada Al-Mudarrisi.

- Rhythmic mourning poetry/ Latmiya; Mulla Hassanin Alwaseti and Sayid Mohammed Mustafa Al-Hakim.

The center offers talks in Danish and Arabic (Iraqi) as well as distribution of food from the Iraqi and Persian Ashura cuisine.

The Imam al-Sadiq Center adheres to the Iraqi traditions of mourning ceremonies from the city of Karbala, where Imam Hussain is buried.

- 1st night: Hoisting and honoring of the Imam Hussein cemetery flag (the change from red to black).

- 2nd, 3rd and 5th: The use of the traditional chain mourning ceremony (zinjiil).

- 7th night: Imitation Theater of Abal-fadl al-Abbas BC.

- 8th night: Qasim's (Imam Hassan's son) marriage theater with procession in Nørrebrogade.

- 9th night: The use of the traditional chain mourning ceremony (zinjiil).

- 10th night: Abdullah's (infant) impersonation theater.

Donations are accepted by Abu Muhammad Al-Hmeeri or on MobilePay 444427 with the note "Muharram 2023".

For more details brother Yasir can be contacted on phone 41111116.




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