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Wed, 19 Jul


Ashura programs 2023

Ashura programs

See all Ashura programs at the various venues below.

Ashura programs
Ashura programs

Tid & sted

19 Jul 2023, 17:30 – 29 Jul 2023, 22:00

Ashura programs 2023, Denmark

Om eventet

The shelters' programs are divided according to the following languages and have both speeches and mourning poetry as well as food from Iraqi, Pakistani, Lebanese, Afghan and Iranian Ashura cuisine:


- Imam Ali Mosque: Danish, Arabic and Persian program (Iraqis, Lebanese, Afghans and Iranians). Danish program with Sheikh Mohammad Hassan as speaker. 

Facebook: Imam Ali Mosque.

The program starts at 17:30.Click here for more info.

- Imam al-Sadiq Center:  Arabic program (Iraqis) and Danish speech; Hussain Al-Bahrani and brother Rasheed Al-Takmajji.

Facebook: Imam Alsadiq Center Denmark

The program starts at 19.Click here for more info.

Visualizations and theater overviewcan be seenby clicking here.

- Jaffaria Education Center:  Urdu program (Pakistanis and Afghans) and Danish speech; Sheikh Nisar Jan.

Facebook: Jaffaria Education Center.

The program starts at 19:00.Click here for more info.

- Madina-Tul-ilm:Urdu program (Pakistanis and Afghans).

Facebook: Madina Tul Ilm Education Center DK.

The program starts at 18:30.Click here for more info.

- Fatemiyun: Danish speech in collaboration with Khatamul Anbia Forening; Sayid Daniel Rezaei.

Facebook: Fatemiyun. 

The program starts at 17:30.Click here for more info.

- Khatamul Anbia Association: Urdu program (Afghans and Iranians) and Danish speech: Sayid Daniel Rezaei.

Facebook: Khatamulanbia Association Denmark, Anjuman ختام الانبياء ص دنمارك

The program starts at 18:30.Click here for more info.

- Shiaa Culture Center Ringsted: Arabic program (Iraqis) and Danish speech: Mohammed Jafar.

Facebook: Shiaa Culture Center, حسينية الامام الحسن المجتبى ع

The program starts at 18:30.Click here for more info.

- Guest tent for Basra's youth: Social gathering for Iraqis.

Facebook: موكب خيمة شباب البسرة - عاشوراء الدنمارك

Activity starts at more here.

- Ashura Procession: The procession takes place on the 10th of Muharram; Saturday 29 July 2023.

Facebook:De Fries Procession

The procession starts at more here.


- Al-Thaqlain Center Odense: Arabic program (Iraqis). Danish speech by:Mohammad Elhakim.

Facebook: Althaqlain - مركز و مصلى الثقلين في الدانمارك.

The program starts at more here.

- Ahlu Albet Association Odense: Arabic program (Iraqis).

The program starts at 20.Read more here.


- Al-Zahra Center Vejle:Arabic program (Iraqis). 

Facebook: Al-Zahra Center in Vejle - حياة شباب الزهراء ع.

The program starts at more here.

- Hussainiyat al-Zahra Aarhus: Arabic program (Iraqis).

Facebook: Husayniyat al-zahra - حسينية الزحراء ع.

The program starts at 19.Read more here.

- Al-Hujjah Center Aarhus:Arabic program (Iraqis).

Facebook: Al-Hujjah Center - حياة شباب الحجة ع.

The program starts at 19.Read more here.

- DAM association Aalborg:Danish and Persian program (Iraqis and Afghans).

Facebook: DAM association.

The program  is only on 28 July and starts at 14.Read more here.

Click on the "programmes" menu to see the individual programs for the respective haunts.

Del denne begivenhed

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