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Sat, 29 Jul


Ashura Procession 2023

Ashura procession

"Procession of the Free" is the name of the annual procession which started since 1996 by individual mourners who wanted to go in a symbolic procession in memory of Imam Hussein and the tragedy that took place in Karbala in the year 680. The tradition grew to the point that more than 10,000 people now participate and the number is growing.

Ashura procession
Ashura procession

Tid & sted

29 Jul 2023, 14:00 – 18:00

Ashura Procession 2023, Queen Louise's Bridge, 1371 Copenhagen, Denmark

Om eventet

The procession started with less than 50 participants and was founded by the following private promoters:

o Sayid Saeed Al-Hulo; Abu Hisham.

o Sheikh Abu Husam Al-Baghdadi.

o Sayid Makki Al-Hulo.

o Saeed Al Hayawi.

o Nasir Al-Assadi.

o Abu Sakir.

o Abu Qais Al-Baghdadi.

o Sayid Hisham Al-Hulo.

The then association Dar Al-Hussain and Shaeed Al-Sadr were against the procession, as they believed that such an activity did not fit in with the Danish norms or with the provocation method for Imam Hussain.

Famous poems that were used for many years were:

"The truthful prophet said

Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain

O you (Hussain) who guarded the right of guidance.

You are an exalted symbol o Hussain."

The annual procession starts from Dronning Louises Bro and continues along Nørrebrogade towards Nørrebro Station.

This year's procession 2023 takes place on Saturday the 29th from 14 (after noon prayer). 

This year, one of Iraq's well-known personalities and religious scholars is invited; Sayid Murtadha Al-Husaini and other prominent guests.

More details follow on previous years' processions can be found

Pictures and videos from previous years can be found at:Ashura Denmark

Event link:De Fries Procession - Ashura Procession 2023.

Del denne begivenhed

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